About us

I’m a working mom of almost 4 year-old twin boys, and I know what it’s like to be a busy parent. 

Finding a balance between the needs of your dear little ones, and the demands of the rest of your world is hard. Throw a job or career in the mix and things can get very stressful – especially when you need a babysitter at short notice or after hours. Often finding someone last minute who you can trust, and who has the right experience for your family, is tricky or downright impossible.

I care, a lot. I care about our nannies, who are often working moms as well. And I care about your needs, and your children’s needs.  Above all, I want to make sure you have the best experience possible with our nanny booking service.

Melisa with her twin boys

It was very clear to me that South Africa needed a new online, ad hoc babysitting solution. So I started nunanny!

Nunanny is mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, cashless and on-demand – you can book a sitter whenever you want. All our sitters are experienced child care professionals, and many are already working in your neighbourhood! We find, screen and interview all sitters on our platform, as well as validate their CPR certificates, and check their references personally. Once all credentials are in order, they become available for you to book. Our booking and cashless payment system happens seamlessly online. Happy children, happy mom, happy sitter!

You are now using our first Nunanny online service. I am always looking for feedback and any suggestions for improvement as we develop the next version of our platform. We look forward to helping you

Founder of nunanny