How it works

How it works

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Register with Nunanny quickly and easily. Registration is absolutely free – so you won’t be
charged a subscription fee to get access to our amazing screened nannies.



Choose a service or browse our pool of nannies. Each one is carefully screened and vetted, so all you need to do is decide on the right one for you, and then choose them by name in
the booking process.


Fill out our easy booking form by entering the name of your chosen nanny, the date, time and place of when you need her, and any other specific details we should know.


You’ll pay for your nanny on a sliding scale depending on how many hours you book. This cost ranges from R78 – R137 depending on what service and hours you choose. The more hours you book, the less your hourly rate will be. After you’ve paid through our secure payment system, we’ll email you a booking confirmation and your invoice.