Night Nurses

If you’re in the new-born trenches, sleep can be a precious commodity. And if you have multiples like twins or triplets, a good night’s sleep can feel even more impossible, especially during those early months.

Our amazing night nurses will help get you through those long dark hours. They’re specifically trained and experienced with new-borns and smaller babies, and are available for a 12-hour service – starting in the evening at 6 or 7pm, and finishing at 6 or 7am the next morning.

If you need extra help during the day, you can also book some of our night nurses for daytime slots ranging from 3-8 hours.

Because they’re specifically skilled and experienced with small babies and work after hours their hourly rate is slightly higher than our babysitters and regular nannies.

Night Nursing Prices
0-3 hours R410
4 hours R520
5 hours R650
6 hours R760
7 hours R870
8 hours R980
Sleep over babysitting
6pm-6am or 7pm -7am
Night nursing
6pm-6am or 7pm -7am