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Screened nannies,
babysitters & night nurses.
On demand.

Screened nannies,
babysitters & night nurses.
On demand.

What our customers are saying

  • positive review 

    Melisa at Nunanny has saved my life more times than I can count! From helping me find our own wonderful nanny Sarah for our twin boys, to the babysitting service and now finding a temporary nanny to cover Sarah’s maternity leave, Nunanny has become a trusted, reliable service that I can highly recommend to any parents. The attention to detail and reliability is unlike any other service I’ve used in the past. You can’t go wrong if you choose Nunanny!

    Deveshni Reddy
  • positive review 

    We recently visited Cape Town for work and were looking for some support for our ten month old while we were working. Through a friend of a friend, we were connected to Melisa and her team and we are so happy that we found Nunanny! Melisa was wonderfully helpful, working with our mixed hours and being flexible as the week went on as we realized we needed more hours than we originally booked. She matched us with the amazing Catherine, who was the perfect combination of warm, nurturing and totally professional! She not only knew exactly what our son needed, but she also knew exactly what to say to us as parents to reassure us, as we were leaving our son in an unfamiliar setting! Since we were in a hotel and not our own home, it also meant “making do” and being adaptable to whatever worked for naps, feedings, etc, and our son was so well cared for! We feel very grateful. We miss Nunanny services already now that we are back home and will not hesitate to contact them when we are back in town next time! Highly, highly recommend!

    Popeye Green
  • positive review 

    Best in the biz… they found us the most incredible 3rd parent for our little crew. Melissa and team understood exactly what our needs were and matched us with an absolute game changer of a women. We don’t know ourselves without Rudo’s unyielding support. Thank you Nunanny for helping us find Rudo!

    Candice Hatting
  • positive review 

    I’m currently sitting in our spare room (hiding) while I listen to my little boy giggle and screech with excitement while Stephanie (our dream nanny) plays with him in the sweetest way. I am a full time mom and was in need of a much deserved break. We got in touch with NuNanny and the next day I had this delightfully happy and professional angel smiling at our gate. This is the 4th time we are using NuNanny, we’ve had Stephanie every time, which I love because my son LOVES her. I couldn’t recommend them more. They’ve saved me in more ways than one.

    Ashleigh Carruthers-Smith
  • positive review 

    Our son is 7 months old. We have used NuNanny several times over the past few months, and loved the service each time. Melissa is fast, friendly, and professional. I really enjoyed the individual profiles, the ability to pick our preferred nanny, and the ability to find ones close to our home. All the nannies arrived on time and took great care of our little one. Would recommend!

    Rowena Luk
  • positive review 

    What a fantastic service, with such fantastic nannies! It is easy to book the same nanny over again, and everything works smooth. Payment is also done very easy.

    Marianne Kleppe Nordal
  • positive review 

    I have been visiting CT with my family for 2 weeks and Nunanny has been a great and easy way for us to squeeze a couple of date nights into our schedule. We had a really nice and loving babysitter that had no problem handling our 3 kids. I can highly recommend their services!

    Line Dillon

Why nunanny?

The nunanny difference

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We vet all our nannies to the highest standards thanks to our screening process, and ongoing reviews from you. Each Nanny is qualified in CPR and First Aid, and other childcare skills.

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Only nannies with glowing references are employed by us - and we personally call every single reference. We also interview each child carer in person online.

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Ease of use

Sign up, book, match and pay securely in minutes. We'll email you your booking confirmation and invoice. Need help? Our customer service is 24/7.

Our Services

New mom needing help? Regular nanny away?
Need a babysitter for the evenings?

We can help.

Our Pricing Structure

Ad-hoc Booking

We book our Nunannies out at a higher flexible hourly rate.This is perfect for shorter periods like Holidays, when you need someone at more unusual hours than a typical 8/9 hour day, usually 8/9-5/6pm).

For example you could book the same Nunanny for multiple days for a morning booking from 8am-2pm (6hours), and she could come back for the evening babysitting from 5pm-11pm. Please see below for the current pricing.

Short Term Pricing

Short term placement ( less than 3 months) you negotiate the rate with the nanny for the month, or we use a R550 a day rate per day, for a 9-8 hour day.
Overtime is R80 per hour, calculated weekly after 45 hours.

We charge a R600 matching fee, and we send you 3 candidates that match your criteria. We then help you interview and trial, any or all candidates. Our fee is R2500 per month or part thereof.

If you decide to employ your short term nanny full time after 3 months – then there is no placement fee if you have paid more than R4000 in short term fees to us.

Permanent Placements

If you require a Permanent placement (more than 3 months), we charge a R600 matching fee, and we send you 3 candidates that match your criteria. We then help you interview and trial, any or all candidates.

Then the placement fee is R4000 due when you indicate you would like to go ahead and employ your nanny. We also provide an excellent easy to read employment contract and help you to complete this.

Our Pricing

Evening babysitters, Weekend nannies, Weekday nannies, Holiday nannies, Night Nurses, Au-Pairs & Sleep over babysitters
0-3 hours R530
4 hours R640
5 hours R760
6 hours R890
7 hours R1040
8 hours R1150
9 hours R1200
Travel home after 6pm, from your home to the nanny’s home Nanny/friend drives own car R4per km, Uber, Bolt, lift your nanny
Travel in Private Transport, from the nanny’s home to your home return R4 per km from their home to you and back
Use of own car on the job, kilometers calculated using Google Maps R4 per km
Night Nursing 12 hours shift 6/7pm – 6/7am R750

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Relocating? Retrenching? Get your wonderful Nanny screened by us, so she can make extra money in child care, or find a great new job.


Become a screened Nanny

Relocating? Retrenching?
Get your wonderful Nanny screened by us, so she can make extra money in child care, or find a great new job.



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